Happy Writing Trails

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Updates from the Outlaw

So one thing I find interesting about my current work, that of transforming a film script into a novel, is that I often find myself unwinding scenes. In the script, I made an effort to set up scenes quickly, to layer in meaning, to avoid repeating myself. That led to scenes that are like tight coils of words.

But in the novel form, my focus has changed. The script never had the opportunities for character development that the novel has, but in particular, I am digging deeper into the main character’s head. There are more bread crumbs in the novel. So it is much as though I were uncoiling these scenes from the script into ribbons that lead off into blind alleys and unknown territories.

I am starting to realize that after the novel, I am going to have to return to the script and rewrite it to include all the gems I am discovering along this way.

Also, go football!

  1. Sabra John says:

    Very interesting blog post! I’ve never tried to write a novel from a script, but I have definitely turned to prose to improve my scripts in the past. Sometimes when I get stuck or if the dialogue really sucks, I put the script aside and write the scene out in prose. It helps me figure out what the essentials are for the script, what thoughts need to come out in the verbs and the dialogue and what really doesn’t matter for the screen. You’re absolutely right — sometimes it helps to dig deeper into the character’s head to really figure out what’s going on.

    How’s your project going, by the way?

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