Yesterday, I watched an old cut of The Making of Iridium Consequence. For various reasons—money, frustration, other projects—I haven’t thought about this movie in a month. It turned out to be a good thing, because I was able to see it with fresh eyes, and my fresh eyes saw that the movie definitely starts slow, but that when it gets going, it is a good movie. It needs sound desperately.

These fresh eyes are ready to tackle the project again. There are a few things I want to simplify—the CGI, for example, and the beginning if possible. And if I can find all the actors again, we are going to need to ADR a bunch.

I had gotten caught up in how hard it has been to push this movie forward, and forgot for a while that the project is worth the effort. But it is worth the effort. So I’m rolling up my sleeves, spitting on my hands, and then I’m going to go wash my hands, because that is gross. But eventually, I am getting back to work.



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