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Sheri Shine

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Seriously

A very good friend of mine, Sheri Shine, passed away this weekend.

The people you meet along the way are part of your journey in life, and Sheri was a big part of mine. We met through the Second City. Sheri was kind, good natured, and funny. She loved animals and was very close to her parents. She was a vegetarian on a high protein diet, so we always went out to eat at places that served eggs.  But though she hated cruelty to animals, she loved MMA, and told me that a lot of blood on the mat meant it was a good fight. I went with her to meet Randy Couture. I talked her into doing Karaoke for the first time. She sang “What’s Up” by the Four Non Blondes.

She loved acting, and she loved performing improv. She wanted to get married, if she ever met a guy just like her dad. She also loved horses. She dragged me to a horse show once, and we talked about which jockey was the best looking while we watched them do the jumps. Then afterwards, we went down to the stables and didn’t meet any jockeys, just pet the horses.

But over the years, we lost touch, and that was my fault. I hope she knew that even if we didn’t talk anymore, she was still with me. Now that she is gone, she is more present. Everything reminds me of her.

We were in the same improv group in Las Vegas, Starts with an M. Here are some of the excellent sketches we did together. They were put together to be shown in a live performance, so some of the voice over is missing, but she can still make me laugh.

She is gone too soon. But I won’t forget her.

Sheri’s the blond.