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So, movies tend to repeat certain wrong things so often that they become face, and this article talks about seven things movies always get wrong about police works.

To me, the surprise was the call tracing. I did think it took some time. But then, I might have been fooled by the line crossing the map on the computer screen leading to…oh, no! They hung up!



Today’s post is brought to you by reality and the letter “Awesome.” Guns and movies, movies and guns.

How interesting that our concept of reality is created by movies that then attempt to mirror reality based on the concept of reality learned from movie watching.

Reminds me of what Hemingway said about The red Badge of Courage, indirectly: “Tolstoi made the writing of Stephen Crane on the Civil War seem like the brilliant imagining of a sick boy who had never seen war but had only read the battles and chronicles and seen the Brady photographs that I had read and seen at my grandparents’ house.

And how many movie folk actually own and shoot guns?