Outlaws vs Pirates

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

So this is a report on the most torrented movies of this year.

Now, is anyone crying over torrents of Avatar or Iron Man 2? No.

But Kick-Ass is number two on this list, and that pisses me off. Kick-Ass was a terrific movie that was pretty much an independent. Studios wouldn’t touch it, mostly because of the foul mouthed little girl. So Matthew Vaughn, the director, financed the $30 million budget himself. Then it went out and made $48 million domestic, $48 million international. Not terrible but not great numbers. You have to remember that these are ticket sales, and ticket sales don’t make it back to the filmmaker. You have the theaters and distributors to pay along the way. It wasn’t a flop.

But it was a way better movie than Avatar, and the money doesn’t come close.

That is some weak sauce. And that movie deserved better. Just for the fight scene in the hall way, when Stunt Girl beats up all those mobsters. But it ends up being the second most torrented movie of the year, second only to Avatar!

So all the fanboys of the world are torrenting this movie, and the guy who made it happen is getting crumbs. This article says is was downloaded 11,400,000 times. Not right. Especially since the box office returns meant that Matthew Vaughn had to go do the X-men reboot before he could do Kick-Ass 2, and that little girl ain’t gonna stay little forever. Which leaves me personally offended because I loved Kick-Ass, and immediately wanted to see a sequel, and I am being robbed of that.

The Hurt Locker is also on this list. Another box office disappointment, though they did get the Oscar.

Here’s the problem. People think of pirating as no big deal because everyone knows that Avatar made more money than god. But then they turn around and torrent poor little Kick-Ass, a movie that needed every DVD sale it could get, and they think it is the same thing.

Shame on you, movie pirates. I hope you all go to hell, because hell has Avatar playing on an eternal loop.


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