Sheri Shine

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Seriously

A very good friend of mine, Sheri Shine, passed away this weekend.

The people you meet along the way are part of your journey in life, and Sheri was a big part of mine. We met through the Second City. Sheri was kind, good natured, and funny. She loved animals and was very close to her parents. She was a vegetarian on a high protein diet, so we always went out to eat at places that served eggs.  But though she hated cruelty to animals, she loved MMA, and told me that a lot of blood on the mat meant it was a good fight. I went with her to meet Randy Couture. I talked her into doing Karaoke for the first time. She sang “What’s Up” by the Four Non Blondes.

She loved acting, and she loved performing improv. She wanted to get married, if she ever met a guy just like her dad. She also loved horses. She dragged me to a horse show once, and we talked about which jockey was the best looking while we watched them do the jumps. Then afterwards, we went down to the stables and didn’t meet any jockeys, just pet the horses.

But over the years, we lost touch, and that was my fault. I hope she knew that even if we didn’t talk anymore, she was still with me. Now that she is gone, she is more present. Everything reminds me of her.

We were in the same improv group in Las Vegas, Starts with an M. Here are some of the excellent sketches we did together. They were put together to be shown in a live performance, so some of the voice over is missing, but she can still make me laugh.

She is gone too soon. But I won’t forget her.

Sheri’s the blond.

  1. Shawna P says:

    Sheri was my cousin and a best friend to me. She had a great influence on so many people and was talented in many ways! She was funny, kind and selfless. The type of person you could go a long time without taking to and pick were you left off, usually laughing.
    She had a great love for horses which she and I shared and yes it was typical to watch a few riders go through the jumping course then spend the rest of the time petting the horses in the stables and feeding them carrots.
    I am glad that she had so many like minded friends (aka goofy, silly and young at heart). She was an amazing person and I am so happy that so many people got to experience Sheri! Because thats what she was and experience 🙂
    I just hope that we can all take our favorite parts about Sheri and share them with others like she did with us.
    I would like for her friends to leave me their contact information as at some point I would like to have memorial PARTY Sheri style. She didn’t want anyone to be upset with her passing she would rather have them celebrate life than mourn the loss of it.
    When the family has had time to heal we can then talk about what we want to do and from there I can contact all of those who have given me there information.

    Thank you for this post it is nice to see Sher doing what she loved!

    Shawna Pollack

  2. Casey Pilkenton says:

    I hope Sheri and the rest of the Starts With an ‘M’ ladies know how truly special my short time with that team was to me. My time in Vegas was very brief, but it was long enough to have people wiggle their way into my heart and embed themselves in my brain. And Sheri was one of the first.

    I probably hadn’t talked to her in over a year but, over the past few days, I’ve realized what an impression she made on me in such a short matter of time. Not many people have that kind of power. She did. Her spirit continues to amaze me. I am so saddened over this loss and so thankful for the memories of her that I will keep with me forever. No one could have given me a better Las Vegas send off than Miss Sheri Shine! The photos take up a large chunk of my photo album. She was my sounding board when I was intimidated about performing and she, without a doubt, made me loosen up and just have fun up there. I’ve missed her since I left in 2007 and continue to miss her still.

    My heart and thoughts go out to all of those out there missing her right now. Thank you so much for posting this, Teline. I hope you’re doing okay.

  3. Melissa says:

    I just wanted to say, I only knew her for a short time and she was amazing…so full of life and incredibly kind…she was with us earlier in the night of the accident…smiling, dancing, laughing, dressed like a Cyndi Lauper wanna be because we were at the Steel Panther show at Green Valley Ranch pretending to be 80’s groupies, it was a great night that I will always cherish…I know she is up there celebrating and enjoying the next chapter, whatever it may be…

    my prayers go out to all her friends and family for comfort, strength & the knowledge that she would not want any of us to be sad, but to be happy that we spent time with her…

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