Pardon, Folks

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Updates from the Outlaw

The Outlaw has not been coming at you on the regular schedule of late, and I wanted you to know why:

they are all out to get me.

This is not how my computer looks, this is how my computer feels.

But if that isn’t true, the only other reason must be that my computer is broken. Yes, my expensive, high powered computer, it turns out, is still subject to gravity, and after it took an unfortunate tumble, began a slow death, full of crashing and blue screens and one trip to computer repair rip off scumbag.

But alas, the hard drive is no more.

It has been a major inconvenience, but it could have been a real disaster. You see, I back up my files regularly on to two separate external hard drives. So loosing this one, eh. For a hundred dollars, I got a faster one, and soon, the old pony will be up and ready to rustle.

I did, however, lose two weeks in the process, and there ain’t no way to get that back. Except by having a second, back up computer. Hmm.


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