Working Hard

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Updates from the Outlaw
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So every week, I tell you about something different that I am working on, and it may seem like I am ADD or really flitty, because it is always something different, and it never it: the movie is finished. Let me explain.

This last week, I worked on the opening credits. Specifically, I worked on ways to scan the drawings into the computer. Two days were blown on trying to get a scanner from one individual, who provided me with a very heavy piece of equipment with no power source. The drawings are 17” by 11”, and scanners don’t come in that size, so the first test scan I did, I scanned one half at a time, and then discovered that they didn’t match up.

One day, I chased down some specialty brushes for Photoshop, but I didn’t like how they looked. One day, I tried out a wash technique in Photoshop, that I guess I am not good at, because my version came out streaky, not washy, and so, it’s back to the drawing board, of watching a dozen tutorials on youtube and looking at hundreds of images to find a style I want to imitate.

So when I sat down to write this, I was disinclined to mention working on the credits. What I was going to tell you is that the teaser trailer is done. Because it is.

Last week, I edited a rough version of a thirty second trailer, and handed that over to Will. A few days later, I sat with Will while he reedited the trailer. It was a vast improvement. When I left that day, though, it wasn’t finished. There was still the question of the font and the sound, and color correction. So I few days later, I met with Shaun to hear how it went. It was again, much improved, and we tweaked one thing, and then we watched it on his Hi Def TV, and it looked awful.

So panic. Was that the quality of our footage? Was it a low quality render, which we often use to keep file sizes small?

But I took a DVD version home and watched it on the projection screen, and it looked great. Phew. It was just the awful that is HD TV.

So the trailer is done. But we still need to render a file specifically for youtube, so I didn’t want to mention that yet, because I didn’t want people to look for a trailer that they can’t find.

See, I do a lot of work every week, but sometimes, that adds up to not a lot accomplished. Like this week. So there.



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