Movie News And a Six Shooter

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Updates from the Outlaw


Here is the six shooter.


So now that I am off sound duty (yee-ha!), I am able to return to other duties. And one of those duties is a reedit of the last scene of the movie.

You see, the last scene of the movie includes a long montage. Over that montage will be music composed by the incomparable Joel Steudler. So this leads to a bit of a conundrum. See, the long montage needs to be edited to the music, but the music can’t be written until there is a scene for Joel to use.


I put an MP3 of a metronome behind the scene and edited to that. Just tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock, tock.

I might be going a little bit crazy.

But it is fun work. I’m actually getting excited for the actors to see what I did to them, I mean with them, I mean, for them?

Let me restate.

The movie is coming closer and closer to finished, and the trudging drudgery that post production is is coming to a close. Preproduction was so fast it was a bur, and production was so much fun that I barely realized how hard I was working ( I won’t speak for the others. Others may have felt driven like oxen). Then we fell into the long Gulag winter that is post production. But the winter is ending, Comrade Outlaws! I see the gates opening to Siberia! Yes, I know Siberia is a large geographical region, not a single prison, and that Siberia doesn’t have gates, it has reindeer, and we dance and eat borscht and drink vodka! Hey!

So yay for editing the end of the movie, and yay for working on the opening credits after that. And yay for bringing Russia into my cowboy themed blog. T0 counteract that, I give you a six shooter.


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