Back at the Corral–of Actors!

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Actors
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I have written a few times about the actors on my wish list, the people I would love to be able to work with. I have been like a little kid pressing her face on the display case (inside of which are metaphorical actor donuts, because I love donuts in a no way metaphorical fashion). And before I get too carried away with my salivating and leaving snot prints on the glass, I thought I would take a moment to appreciate the actors I have already been fortunate enough to work with. To return to my metaphor, the donuts I have already eaten. Mmm. Donuts.

So I have to start with Maggie Martin. She plays the role of Charlie Proctor in The Making of Iridium Consequence. Charlie is the earnest and insecure amateur film director who is unfortunately, tortured by high standards and plagued by a desire to do things the right way. She is the female lead.

The first time I met Maggie was when she came to audition for an unknown project.  That is an important point, because as much as I complain about the audition process, there really is no other way to find skilled actors. Maggie had a strong audition, and we wanted her,  so I turned Charlie Proctor from a male to a female role.

Actors, take note. Because Maggie was a dream to work with, and if I could take three of her qualities and force them into every actor I know, it would be these:

She was always available. That was a huge help, because we had to work around so many other schedules.

Early mornings, late nights, she was always there. Usually first. She did a lot of waiting around for us to get set up.  But even if she had to wait around one day, she was still on time the next. That is what we call professionalism, kids.

And there was this whole thing about having to turn off the AC because the sound was picking up the hum. So it was hot to begin with, then we stuck our actors under high wattage lights and turned off the air conditioning. Maggie is a trooper. Did Maggie complain? Not once. Did she sweat and ruin a take? No. Because she controls even her sweat glands and makes them do what the part requires.

I can’t begin to tell you how valuable these qualities were.  I can say, without a doubt, if we had cast anybody else in that role, the movie would never have gotten shot.

So, thanks, Maggie.

Now, I’m going to go get me a donut.

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