Sound and all Sound’s Posse

Posted: September 27, 2010 in it goes in your ears, Updates from the Outlaw
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Cancel the parade. Send the clown home. There is no good news this week to celebrate.

Sound is like my abusive boyfriend. I keep believing that sound will change, that sound will be nice to me, and sound will promise that things are going to be better. Sound is in therapy now. And then POW! Sound beats me up again!

Two hours of meticulously matching sound for the Kim Commando scene, and what do I find? Craziness. The edit is all screwy and out of order now. Why? Why would that be? Why is sound so mean?

I would give up, except the other option is to ADR the whole movie, and I don’t know if all the actors even live here, because it has taken a year to edit the thing. RAGE!!!


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