Out on the Internet Range

Posted: September 24, 2010 in This is a hold up! A link hold up.
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Facebook. I hate it. MySpace was a much better venue for promoting independent whatevers. You can change the look of the page, you can have music playing, you could let people know what you are really all about. With Facebook, you used to collect “fans,” but now you just collect “likes”, where you can be grouped in the same category as “Not dying” and “Cheese.” But you have to do everything you can to get eyes on your trailer, even things you would rather not do.

So why did everybody migrate to Facebook?

The Making of Iridium Consequence is on Myspace and on Facebook, and I like the Myspace page better. And with the new terms of service, I have even more reason to prefer MySpace. Read this, by a new media attorney, and just think about Facebook owning everything you put on it. And shudder.


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