Sounds like a Party

Posted: September 20, 2010 in it goes in your ears, The Making Of Iridium Consequence
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Ugh. Sound. Sound is the Goliath to my David, the Sauron to my Bilbo Baggins, the bug to my bed, the hang to my nail, the Sugar for the Production of Polyhydric Alcohol Program to my U.S. manufacturer of polyhydric alcohols. You get what I’m saying. It has been another week of wrestling with the sound on The Making of Iridium Consequence, and sound is still winning. But I feel that the tide is about to turn. Any second now.

I’ve been relabeling hundreds of files, so that I can match the sound to the take. That is something I shouldn’t have to be doing, but oh well. And there is this stupid buzz everywhere, in all the recordings, and I don’t have a clue where it came from. I just keep telling myself that the next movie will be better. And this one will just take longer to finish.

Sound. I’ll get you, one of these days.


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