Camera Wars

Posted: September 10, 2010 in This is a hold up! A link hold up.
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Camera nerds, beware.

For years, the RED has been the top of the mountain for poor camera nerds. Much cheaper than film, but much better than regular digital images, the RED seemed like the answer to everyone’s prayers.

But now there is the ARRI Alexa. $20,000 more, and it shoots without compression. That is a pretty huge deal. But it maxes out at 2k, where the RED can hit 4k and next generation promises 5k.

Read all about it here.

Me, I’m sticking with the RED. Resolution does matter. The ARRI Alexa is just a really, really, REALLY good hi def camera. The RED is in a class beyond that. Resolution matters in theaters, and it matters in editing, when you have the pixels to crop images without loosing image quality. And resolution matters to me. Because it makes me feel all funny in my tummy. Mmm. Resolution.


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