What a Girl Wants

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Actors
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Ok, another addition to my actor wishlist.

Mark Sheppard, credited as Mark A. Sheppard.

He has a heafty career of one-offs. Many actors, talented and otherwise, end up in guest star limbo. And in the case of an actor like Mark, it is a matter of the right role coming along.

On Supernatural, he plays the deliciously self interested demon Crowley, and he tears that role to pieces. He has smarmy down pat. He also plays a regent on Warehouse 13, a much more boring role. He does what he can with it, but that whole show is muted and dull, and if that was the only showcase for his talents, I would have overlooked him.

No, what this guy needs is a nice complicated antagonist role. Maybe an uncooperative hotel manager or a dirty lawyer.

As soon as I get a pile of cash and a role like that, he’s my guy.

Interesting to note how, so far, my wishlist is entirely made up of subjects of Her Majesty the Queen. Next time, hopefully, I’ll find a red blooded American to desire.


  1. overthere says:

    I can get behind a blog that makes Supernatural shout-outs.
    ps. please make your next movie about robots. thank you.

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