Ride, Lionsgate, Ride Hard.

Posted: September 3, 2010 in This is a hold up! A link hold up.

Lionsgate is currently the only studio that is taking any kind of risk, distributing some of my favorite movies. But Lionsgate has been under attack for the last year or so by Carl Icahn, corporate raider. He thinks Lionsgate is run badly. He want to run it like all the other studios.

Killers really set them back, but The Expendables and The Last Exorcism are doing big box office and saving the company. Hoorah!

This was written before Expendables dominated the box office, but it gives you a pretty good idea of how important it was that Expendables bring home the dough. Also this.

The moral of this story is: Ashton Kutcher is a talentless tool whose craptasticness is destroying a lovely company, but thanks to Sylvester Stalone and a very bendy girl, the fight ain’t over yet.


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