It’s Train Robbing Time

Posted: August 27, 2010 in This is a hold up! A link hold up.
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Hollywood and recession.

Funny how movies went from cheap entertainment to an expensive night out, and the studios are surprised and feeling very poor.

First of all, law of supply and demand. Ticket prices go higher, and fewer people will go to the movies. That was a stupid move. Second, there are a whole lot of overpaid actors in Hollywood.

But how is it possible, really, for independents to make movies for $500,000 that can compete in the box office with movies that cost $100 million, and when the going gets tough, the studios drop their low cost risks and cling to their high cost ones? Really.

If someone was smart enough to distribute independent films with a lower ticket price, say, $5, those independents would suck up business like a sponge. I’m just saying. A cheaper movie doesn’t have to be as good, and people will still go. And maybe they will be able to afford popcorn. Because maybe they want to buy popcorn, but already spent all their money on the ticket, and they can’t justify overpriced popcorn on top of that. I mean, not me, you know. Other people. I don’t buy popcorn because it is bad for you.

  1. Ray of the Hill people says:

    …but the theater’s wont lower their ticket prices cause they get paid by percentage. 10% for the first two weeks then a sliding scale therafter or they may even get gouged to 0% for the first week like when StarWars came back out. Thats why they charge you $8 for 30 cents worth of popcorn. (which studies show helps higher brain function and enlarges breasts)
    So let’s say JB Halicki (god rest the magnificent bastard) comes back from the dead and goes back on tour with the original (and low budget masterpiece) Gone in 60 Seconds. He does all the promotion and only asks the theaters for say 40% they are still gonna go 8.50 for adults because thats more money for them and the contracts they have with the MPAA limits how they can fiddle with their pricing.
    You would need a concentrated effort from the second run theaters as well as indie film makers for it to work and as soon as it did the MPAA would start writing checks until the kaibosh came… either from within or from some baloney lawmakers.

    • Ah, yes. All of this is true. But with budgets so far below Hollywood mainstream, an indie could take one dollar out of every five and still make a killing. And let’s be clear that we are not talking about the fake indies, like Juno, but the real indies, like Napoleon Dynamite.
      And truly, the MPAA would be filled with indignation and rage. But I know of at least one studio head that would get behind the idea (and run it through his company so he could get the money) because he has been proposing something similar for a few years. But you could also get around the MPAA by renting the theater, and charging whatever you wanted. But you better have a corporate structure, or the IRS would descend on you like a cloud of doom.
      The theaters are currently trapped in a deal where they have no leverage. If someone came at them with an organized, funded, lawyered up alternative where they had a chance at better profit margins, you’d see at least one chain risk the wrath, and then the whole business model of movies might actually adapt and get better. They’ve run theaters the same way since 1948, when US v Paramount said studios owning theaters amounted to a monopoly.
      I could go on and on about this. Can’t you tell?

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