I Control Time!

Posted: August 23, 2010 in The Making Of Iridium Consequence

Now that The Making of Iridium Consequence is shaping up, I am now concerning myself with the order of the scenes. Now, you may think that there is a script, and that script tells me what order of the scenes, and that is kind of true.

For example, the first scene, where the main characters are introduced, needs to be first. If those scenes showed up in the middle of the movie, it wouldn’t make sense.

But there are a lot of other scenes that can move. There are several scenes revolving around the b-plot, which is the competition between Dalton and Haley. They can go anywhere. They don’t impact the a-plot. And so I can use those scenes to alter the pacing of the film, and create visual breaks between scenes.

So I am debating pushing back the climax of the a-plot by moving more b-plot scenes forward. So Will and I hashed that out for over an hour, and now, I have to see how that turns out, and probably change it again. Because I have the power! Wahahaha!


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