Lion Taming 101

Posted: August 9, 2010 in The Making Of Iridium Consequence, Updates from the Outlaw

Saturday, Will and I spent 6 hours going over The Making of Iridium Consequence with a fine tooth comb of criticalness. We go about half way through it. Some scenes are just about perfect, and some need more work. A lot more.

But every time we go over a scene, the movie gets a little bit better.

I am so glad Will is on the job, because he is a good editor, and an excellent colorist. He is so good that he shouldn’t be available for my project. He’s the kind of guy that you always hope to find, the guy who is ready for the next level, but the next level doesn’t know it yet.

One of the things I have had to adjust during this project is a pacing issue. I am a fan of deliberate comedy and awkward silences. But when you have a comedy running two and a half hours, you have to choose between cutting out scenes and cutting out awkward silences.

Anyhow, second cut should be done soon. Then we can get the sound started and get the composer really going. And I plan to hold a couple of test screenings, to make sure that what I think is funny is actually funny, and that the jokes are being communicated correctly and to impress upon people that I am the mack daddy. Yeah!


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