So this last week has been all about updating my computer. Which is actually big Iridium Consequence news. Let me tell you why.

There is an amazing freeware, open source program called Blender. It is a 3D modeling and animation program, which can also be used to make video games. There are better programs out there, like Maya, but those cost money. And before you tell me I can pirate software through bit torrent, let me say that I won’t do that. Bit torrent is the enemy of independent film. When studios lose income, they have less to risk on unknown films, and they buy less from the festivals. So I avoid bit torrent on principle.

Anyhow, I was using Blender on Vista. And it was a nightmare. Because Vista is a nightmare, and the wrath of the gods will fall upon the heads of all Vista designers, if there is any kind of divine justice.

But now, I have a new computer with Windows 7. The name windows causes me to experience flashbacks from my Vista post traumatic stress syndrome, but I loaded Blender, and miracle of miracles, the splash screen loaded correctly, and I was able to actually see the cursor, so I am excited to get back into the CGI. Whee! Work!!!


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