Making The Making of Iridium Consequence

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Updates from the Outlaw
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My fabulous concept art

My amazing concept art for the video storyboard of the opening credits.

            Welcome to the inaugural post for Celluloid Outlaw, a blog about making movies with very little money. My credentials? I am making a movie with very little money called The Making of Iridium Consequence, which is about a group of people making a movie with very little money.

            In The Making of Iridium Consequence, a group of fairly regular people get together to make a movie called, you guessed it, Iridium Consequence. And because we are crazy, we went ahead and also made Iridium Consequence. You can see a trailer for Iridium Consequence online now at The Making Of is feature length while Iridium Consequence is a short half hour.

            We shot everything last year, in what turned out to be two pretty crazy months. Then The Making Of lingered in post longer than I would have liked. But this is what happens with a micro budget. People have to make money, and the thing that is not making them any money becomes less and less of a priority.

            Except for me. For me, it stays a top priority. Maybe that’s because I have a clearer vision of the finished product than anyone else does. Maybe I am just more stubborn. As other people fall away, I take on their jobs, slowing down the process and leaving me with very little free time.

            But there’s a lot to be said for hanging in there, and I am sure I will have time to say it in the coming months. As of this moment, my personal goal is a private premiere for cast , crew and invited guests in October, 2010.

            Right now, I am working on the opening credits. Our fabulous composer Joel Steudler created a piece for the opening, and I am starting to build graphics. The concept is that the main character, Charlie, is writing a script for what will eventually become Iridium Consequence, and so the opening credits will show concept art based on what she thinks the movie will be.

            And so I am drawing concept art. I first made a video story board that included drawings like this. Hopefully, the finished product will look better. I just started that. I’ll let you know how it goes. 


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